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Local Education and Health Resources
This site offers an introduction to local education and health resources. Many of the resources listed focus on early childhood development. There are also good resources for teens, young parents, and educators.

Early Childhood Development
Programs are offered for both children and their parents. A list of Day Cares, Nursery Schools and local nutrition resources is available here as well.

An introduction local education, well-being and justice resources.

Resources for new parents and parents of older children are introduced. They include learning together, visits from a health nurse and anger management.

Family Connections presents opportunities to volunteer on local committees, participate in youth justice processes and to utilize the library and the Regional Resource Center.

Families new to the community can find additional resources to help them get their bearings.

Inventory of Community Programs and Services
This is a larger inventory of the local programs and services available to young children and their families. It includes a range of services such as health clinics, schools, family resource centers, recreational facilities (including parks and pools), and child care facilities, and the programming specific to each.